De Toyboys | Frame Arms Girl Plastic Model Kit Laetitia Ryuu-Bi 15 cm

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Frame Arms Girl Plastic Model Kit Laetitia Ryuu-Bi 15 cm



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Technische Daten

Thema Frame Arms
Hersteller Kotobukiya
Jahr 2019
Produktart Model kit
Produktkategorie Model kits
Verpackung Cardboard box
Lager Lagerhaus

Mehr Infos

Product Specifications: - This model comes in a new color pattern of metallic red and gold. The base Laetitia model also has a new color variation. - This kit includes many parts that give fans the ability to assemble and reassemble into various modes. - The flame parts used to assemble this model in "Drago Mode" are compatible with other Hexa Gear products using "hexagram systems". - The blade part of the included "Dragon Blade" can be folded to be stown away. - The blade part of the included "Twin Fang" can be assembled in multiple manners. - The kit comes with three types of pre-printed face parts: "yaeba" grin, tongue sticking out looking to the left, and smiling to the right. - The kit comes with two new hair parts with left side-parted bangs, with and without connections for accessories. The kit also includes the original bang parts from the Innocentia kit. - The kit comes with hair parts for a ponytail and a bun in addition to the original short hair from the Innocentia kit. - The side buns and twin tail parts are only compatible with the standard bangs, not the side-parted bangs. - This kit comes with a variety of accessories, including cat ears, mecha cat ears, mecha fox ears, two types of mecha dog ears, and mecha accessories. - In addition to the five types of hand parts from the original Innocentia kit, Laetitia includes six new types of hand parts including heart hands, a thumbs up, a pointing hand, peace signs, saluting hands, and hands for supporting a weapon. - The neck frill can be changed out for the included collar with ribbon or armor parts. - The kit comes with two alternate neck parts and feet parts for use with doll clothes. - The kit includes a variety of decals for the eyes and other markings. - The model is equipped with 3mm joints that are compatible with parts from the M.S.G. and Frame Arms series.

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