De Toyboys | Harry Potter My Favourite Movie Action Figure 1/6 Remus Lupin Deluxe Ver. 30 cm

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Harry Potter My Favourite Movie Action Figure 1/6 Remus Lupin Deluxe Ver. 30 cm



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Technische Daten

ThemaHarry Potter
HerstellerStar Ace Toys
ProduktartAction Figure
ProduktkategorieAction Figures
VerpackungWindow box

Mehr Infos

Harry Potter's favorite teacher at Hogwarts was Remus Lupin, who held a dark secret and was a boyhood friend of Harry's father. Lupin is cursed with lycanthropy and at the full moon transforms into a werewolf. This 1/6th scale figure features an authentic likeness to David Thewlis as Remus Lupin from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and comes with his wand and the marauder's map.The deluxe version of the figure also features a changeable head and hands representing his werewolf transformation.The 1/6th Scale Prof. Remus Lupin Collectible figure features:- 1:6th scale body, approximately 30 cm tall with over 30 points of articulation - Fully realized authentic likeness of Remus Lupin in the Movie "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azakaban (HPE3) with accurate facial expression and detailed skin texture - Each head sculpt is specially hand-paintedPARTS: Three (3) interchangeable hands including: - One (1) pair of open hands - One (1) right hand for holding wand - One (1) pair of Werewolf hands (Deluxe version only)COSTUME: - One (1) white shirt - One (1) Dark Brown Suit - One (1) Brown Tie - One (1) pair of Dark Brown Trousers - One (1) pair of Brown shoesACCESSORIES: - One (1) Remus Lupin's Wand - One (1) Marauders Map - One (1) Flash Effect - One (1) Werewolf head (Deluxe version only)FIGURE STAND - One (1) Plastic Stand with clip.

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