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Marvel Universe (3 3/4-inch)

Marvel Universe (3 3/4-inch)

Marvel Universe (3 3/4-inch) action figures .
All Marvel Universe (3 3/4-inch) figures from Playmates.

Marvel Universe is a 3​3⁄4" action figure line manufactured by Hasbro, featuring characters from the Marvel Comics universe. It first hit stores in early 2009 and features detailed sculpting, multiple points of articulation, and accessories. The line was created by Hasbro Designer Dave Vonner.

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    Hasbro announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 that the Marvel Universe toyline would end in 2013, replaced by a new line focused on Avengers in 2014 and shifting to X-Men in 2015. It was then clarified that this was just a rebranding exercise and essentially a continuation of the old line. While promoted to retailers as "Avengers Infinite" (with some characters carrying a "Marvel Platinum" billing), the actual packaging refers only to "Marvel Infinite Series". There is no explicit mention of an Avengers focus, but some subtle iconography (Mojnir, Captain America's star, Iron Man's head and Hulk's fist). The shift in focus to X-Men did not occur, with no changes in 2015 to the packaging nor to the character selection.

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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 items