Kenner Star Wars – Biker Scout (incomplete – A) action figure toy 1983

Star Wars – Biker Scout (incomplete – A)


Hong Kong COO : Sculpt 3

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NoteNo Scout Blaster
SeriesStar Wars

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The vintage Biker Scout is the plastic testament of Lucasfilm’s faultless evolutionary character design. Even though the traditional Stormtrooper armour still stands as a cinematic icon, the uniforms designed for the Endor sequences of Return Of The Jedi did away with all the impracticalities of the original shell and replaced it with a uniform that could facilitate its wearer with the ability to effectively protect the interests of the Empire. Not only was it practical for mounted travel via speeder bikes (or any other form of transportation), it also offered the one thing the standard armour didn’t: Flexibility. Granted, the cold weather uniform offered the same, but who wants to fight rebels in a hot Ewok infested forest wearing thermal underwear?

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