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The world of Ninjas is in great danger: the terrible Akatsuki organization is seeking by all means to recover the 9 tailed demons to control the world. Choose your side and play as your favorite characters to relive Naruto Shippuden's greatest moments and most epic battles. Join Akatsuki ready to do anything to destroy the world or the Shinobi Alliance, the last line of defense before chaos. Only one side will be the sole winner at the end of the game. Which one will you play? Use strategy, bluff and intelligence to win your battles against opponents who will do anything to thwart your plans and make you fail in your missions. Make the best use of your cards' special abilities. Combine them together during each fight, to improve the power of your attacks and eliminate your opponent. The game takes place in 2 stages. Complete your first missions to try to win as many fights as possible and weaken Akatsuki or the Shinobi Alliance. Then face the most powerful Ninjas during the Great War.Use the 15 best techniques from each of the 25 main Ninjas in Naruto Shippuden for epic battles. Face the 12 most powerful Ninjas from Akatsuki or the Shinobi alliance! Complete your mission orders and earn more experience points depending on the possible danger of the mission order or the importance rank of the mission (D, C, B, A or S). Prove your Ninja skills by your choices in the use of your cards during battles. Make the best use of your Chakras to combine your cards and create unstoppable attacks to leave your enemies no chance. Call on your friends with your reinforcement cards in case of difficulties during a fight. Relive all the legendary moments of Naruto Shippuden with your mission cards during each turn.- Players: 2-6 - Recommended Age: 7 years and up - Playing time: 20-45 min - French language version

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