Hasbro Transformers: Generation 1 (G1) – Leaders: Optimus Prime action figure toy 1984

Transformers: Generation 1 (G1) – Leaders: Optimus Prime


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Optimus Prime’s alternate mode is a well-detailed replica of the FLA 8664 cab, although some slight deviances were made, perhaps to accommodate copyright issues or make the casting more practical as a transforming toy. His red cab includes many molded details such as raised rivets, handrails, roof marker lights, and air horns. The smokestacks, grille, front bumper, and fuel tanks are all accurately sculpted and finished with vacuum-metalizing “chrome”. A transparent windshield graces the die-cast metal upper front of the cab, which can swing down to open the driver’s compartment for two Diaclone drivers. His two styles of chrome wheels sport rubber Desert Dog tires, a real brand of offroad tire which he shares with Trailbreaker and Hoist. The rear portion of the truck is much less detailed or realistic, but it does feature molded rock guards in front of the back wheels, and the stickers on his die-cast toes imply brake and turn signal lights. The trailer, which is designed to fit over the wide, low peg on the truck, uses the same wheels and tires mounted on wide metal axles. The sides feature a great deal of molded detail, as well as the highly recognizable blue and silver stripe stickers, now omitting “DIACLONE” in favor of an Autobot symbol. The trailer’s rear is molded with vertically divided doulble door details typical to a real truck, but it in fact opens downward, forming a ramp for loading vehicles like Autobot Cars inside.