Kenner Star Wars – The Emperor (incomplete) action figure toy 1984

Star Wars – The Emperor (incomplete)


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NoteNo Walking Stick
SeriesStar Wars

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Before he was known as Darth Sidious, our boy went by simply The Emperor. What many people don’t realize though, is that this guy, who was once a simple senator known as Palpatine, had his motivations clearly spelled out to the [soon-to-be] Star Wars Generation before any of the films were even released. As a matter of fact, Sci-Fi fans who picked up the Star Wars: From The Adventures Of Luke Skywalker novel ‘written’ by George Lucas in 1976, were privy to the underlining plot of The Phantom Menace months before A New Hope was released. The book had a small prologue called The Journal Of The Whills, which for the most part is all about pug ugly here. Facts are kooky.

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